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Great Adventures for Good Causes

Seeking Opportunities to Put Four Decades of

Conservation Advocacy, Field Project and Event Management, and Wildlands Tour Guiding to Good Use  

During my forty-plus-year career, I have served as a:

1) wildlife and land conservation advocate (18 years);

2) wilderness and adventure travel guide (14 years);

3) senior manager, project consultant, and capacity building trainer/mentor to community based non-profit and non-government organizations in international development (9 years).

Now in my mid-60’s, I’ve reduced my “day job” to working five months a year as an expedition leader and trip guide for two adventure travel companies. As much as I enjoy the work, the “activist” in me is calling for greater fulfillment... projects or causes where my efforts move people beyond increased awareness, understanding and appreciation to acting on their resulting concern. I miss being involved in such advocacy work.

Thus, I'm seeking what I call “great adventures for good causes”:  part-time or short-term undertakings where I can – on a pro bono basis – utilize my experience and expertise in any of the following endeavors (click each heading or tab above to learn more about my interests and experience in that category):

1) Field Projects: Short term field-based projects in: [a] wildlife and/or land conservation, [b] photography/videography projects and expeditions (an interest that evolved out of my time as executive director of the International League of Conservation Photographers), or [c] cause or campaign-specific field tour or event planning and management;

2) Grant-Making Programs: After twenty years on the receiving end of grantmaking, I now want to support an entity that provides grants or other financial investments. To that end, I already have experience researching, identifying, vetting, selecting, coaching, and evaluating grantees;

3) Board Service, Director or Advisory: Having served as a Board of Director or Advisory Board member for a half dozen nonprofits, alliances, initiatives, and coalitions, I know the value each member can provide. Such work is well-aligned with my commitment to service;

4) Non-Profit/Non-Government Organization Capacity Building, Training, and Mentoring: I greatly enjoy this work and would be pleased to continue doing so for projects and geographies that are inspiring to me (by example, here is a list of past clients).

I seek opportunities that are either:

-- Short term, full-time engagements: 2-4 weeks at a time, longer if it can work with my work schedule, all with an eye toward field-based experiences;

-- Long-term, part-time engagements: ongoing projects that require 2-5 hours a week, such as organization capacity building, staff mentoring, or Board service for nonprofit or non-government organizations.

Finally, the more adventuresome, even adventurous, the project (travel, field work, site visits, etc.), the more jazzed I'll be about lending a  hand.