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Welcome to My Adventure Travel,

Travel Planning and Event Management Website

Here I offer an overview of my experience and expertise as a travel tour leader and guide, travel tour designer and planner, and event planner and coordinator. The fourth drop-down above highlights my interest in photography, and provides a pictorial story of most of my personal and professional travels. The common theme here? My love of people and places, planning and production. 


I spent my twenties as a wilderness guide, youth conservation corps leader, and environmental educator. For the next twenty years, I served as executive director or board member for a diversity of land and wildlife conservation organizations in the western United States. During the past ten years, I have focused on promoting the sustainability of human and natural communities in an international context (an interest that took root during my seven month trip around the world in 2004-05).


Having now entered the final phase of my professional career, I am combining these experiences into a best of all worlds (a)vocation. I want to leverage my decades of experience in group travel and event management, as well as nonprofit management, in pursuit of good causes and great adventures. [NOTE: You can learn more about my nonprofit contract work and organization capacity building mentoring at cabutra.org.]


If you are visiting this website as a result of my reaching out to you, thanks for taking the time to do so. If you came upon this site on your own, know that I am ready, willing and able to support you and your travel and/or event needs anywhere around the globe.


Happy perusing. Onward and enjoy...     


Tom Skeele

Happy Human