Bio - Seeing4Yourself

Hi All....

I am a natural and cultural interpretive guide, wilderness adventure leader, wildlands advocate, environmental educator, international community development practitioner, sustainability supporter, nonprofit consultant, world traveler and happy human.

I started my career as an environmental educator, wilderness guide, and mentor to young adults, including economically disadvantaged and at-risk youths. During my 30s and 40s, I was a nonprofit executive for two regional environmental conservation organizations. I spent my 50s working in various sectors of the international development world, having shifted my career focus from conserving natural communities in the U.S. Northern Rockies to sustaining human and natural communities in developing countries throughout the world.

At the start of my 61st year running around this beautiful blue-green planet, I decided to bring travel adventure leading and tour guiding back into play as part of my (a)vocation. These days I'm working part time as a tour leader/guide and part time as a nonprofit consultant and training mentor (see This includes me using my two decades of experience in event planning and management to support:

     1) nonprofits in developing tours and other types of field trips for their donors;

     2) travel companies in designing and implementing unique/chartered tours for their clients/guests.

I'm always looking for new/interesting projects, so please contact me if you think I might be of value to your company, organization or program.

Finally, a word about my photography. I consider myself a photographer in that I enjoy taking images as a way of telling stories. I do not consider myself a photographer from the perspective of my pastime being a vocation or source of income. I'm not that good at it, or that committed to it. However, I enjoy the practice enough, and have received enough positive feedback about my images, that I am focusing on the art more and more.

If there is an underlying message to my photography, it is to serve as a reminder.....

.... that the natural world is a gift we've been given, worthy of our gratitude both in our thoughts and our actions.

.... that people around the world are very similar in how we pursue our lives (education, families, homes, religion, recreation, song and dance, and the like), yet we go about these common activities in such interestingly different ways -- the concept of Same, Same, But Different.

Ultimately, I hope my images and any stories I tell in conjunction with them will play a small role in others "seeing4yourself" just how unique the peoples and places of this planet are. The same is true for my work as an adventure travel leader and tour guide.