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Event Planning and Management

- From Design to Delivery for Any Public or Private Event -

I know, because I’ve been there before.

Your organization wants to host an event, and yet no one on staff has the title of event coordinator. So, typically, each staffer is tasked with taking on some component of the planning and implementation - usually at the expense of her or his regular responsibilities, and usually with a good bit of stress.


I can take the lead, leveraging your staff's ideas, expertise and connections without overwhelming your team.

In my twenty-five years of nonprofit work, I have envisioned, designed, organized and coordinated literally dozens of public and private events, ranging in size from eight to eight hundred people:

➢ annual meetings                        ➢ conferences                        ➢ workshops                        ➢ board retreats

➢ public fundraisers                      ➢ private donor events         ➢ speakers series                ➢ media events

➢ community celebrations           ➢ film festivals                       ➢ concerts                            ➢ field trips                       

From design to delivery, I have experience with all of the logistics related to a wide variety of public and private gatherings: agenda development, speaker recruitment, travel, lodging, marketing, finances, food, facilities, vendors.

Better yet, I enjoy planning and implementing these gatherings. And, when done well, I know the benefits it can bring your organization.

Let me know how I can help.

                   *** Background photo: the start of a private fundraising tour and dinner at Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch outside of Bozeman, Montana,

                                     all part of a week-long 30th anniversary celebration I managed for the nonprofit I was leading at the time.