Types of Outings and Adventures I've Designed

Here is a sample of the types of outings and adventures I have designed and coordinated, which will give you a sense of the types of activities we could dream and scheme together for you:

- family day hike up to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park

- half-day of sea kayaking and stand-up paddling in the Monterey Bay's Elkhorn Slough 

- visiting the waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge

- car tour of state parks and vistas along the Big Sur coastline

- bicycle tour of the monuments of Washington, DC

- exploring Central Park and the museums of New York City

- rock climbing in Yosemite National Park

- weekend photography tour in Grand Teton National Park

- father, son and friends backpacking trip in Yellowstone National Park

- week canoe trip on the Green River through Canyonlands National Park

- two-week adventure travel (car, boat, plane) in Costa Rica

- three weeks in east Africa climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and a safari in the Serengeti

You can review all of the places I've been, as well as the activities I am well versed in, at the "Travel Tour Leader/Guide" link and drop downs above.

***  Background: from above-mentioned Father, Son and Friends backpacking trip in Yellowstone I organized for a hometown buddy.