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Types of Outings and Adventures I Have Designed

In simplest terms, there are three stages to any day-long outing or multi-day adventure:

   - designing or developing the plan (where to go, what to do, who to do it with);

   - coordinating and scheduling the trip before hand (travel plans, lodging reservations, etc.);

   - leading/managing the actual trip (guests, logistics, etc.).

In the "Travel Tour Leader/Guide" dropdown tabs above, you can read more about my experience leading and managing natural, cultural, urban travel tours. Here I want to provide an overview of my experience with the first two stages: designing and coordinating an outing or trip.

I have designed and coordinated one-day outings and multi-day travel adventures both personally and professionally, as far back as 1984.

Professionally, I have served as an expedition leader, guide and instructor for Lindblad Expeditions, Off the Beaten Path and Outward Bound, respectively. Also, I have led the efforts of two non-profits that wanted to design, market and manage their own donor trips. Collectively, these trips have included 6-day to 28-day adventures on small ships, in passenger vans and on foot, to national parks, other public lands, marine inland waterways and rivers. 

Personally, I have designed and coordinated the following outings and adventures for family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances:

   - family day hike up to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park

   - half-day of sea kayaking and stand-up paddling in the Monterey Bay's Elkhorn Slough 

   - visiting the waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge

   - car tour of state parks and vistas along the Big Sur coastline

    - photography tour of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

   - bicycle tour of the monuments of Washington, DC

   - exploring Central Park and the museums of New York City

   - father, son and friends backpacking trip in Yellowstone National Park

   - rock climbing in Yosemite National Park

   - week canoe trip on the Green River through Canyonlands National Park

   - two-week adventure travel (car, boat, plane) in Costa Rica

   - three weeks in east Africa climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and a safari in the Serengeti.

In the "Travel Tour Leader/Guide" dropdown tabs above, you can read about other adventures I have taken, on my own or as a guest of another company's program. All of my personal and professional experiences combined provide me with a vast catalogue of ideas I can share with you when designing and planning your next adventure.

I look forward to dreaming and scheming with you...

***  Background: from the above-mentioned Father, Son and Friends backpacking trip in Yellowstone I organized for a hometown buddy.