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Looking for a well traveled, competent, dynamic and grounded manager, leader or guide for your adventure travel, nature expedition, or cultural tour?

How about someone who believes in experiential learning, puts a high priority on the welfare and safety of his guests, and likes to leave time in a tour/expedition for spontaneous, often magical, things to happen?

That’s me, and I am available for hire.

I have designed, marketed, prepared and led single day to multi-week trips for 1-60 people, ages 12-85. I have worked as a guide for wilderness travel, national park tours, photo expeditions and cultural experiences. Also, I have been an environmental educator, naturalist and service crew project manager.

I have worked with a number of travel companies and nonprofit organizations. As well, I have personally guided family, friends and new acquaintances. Some of my tour managing and guiding has been on a full time basis, some part time.

Throughout it all, I have focused on providing clients of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds with an informative, enjoyable, safe, and memorable experience.

Outside of the leading/guiding listed above, I have spent 26 months engaged in wilderness adventures throughout the United States and Canada, and 28 months traveling to 32 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Finally, it is worth noting that, for nineteen years, I have served as executive director for three environmental nonprofits, where I gained numerous skills related to planning and implementing programs, and managing people.

In the links below, you can learn more about where I have worked, where I have traveled, and what types of adventures I have lived.