Travel Tour Design and Planning

Have you been thinking about organizing a travel adventure for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues? Don't know where to start, or (more likely) don't want to deal with all the planning?  Not a problem. I'm available to be your three-in-one solution:

-  I would enjoy working with you to design the trip;

-  I am happy to schedule/coordinate the travel, lodging and other logistics;

-  I love guiding people in natural settings, cultural sites, and cities, here in the states or other countries.

I have designed, planned and led single day to multi-week trips for 1-60 people, ages 12-85. I have worked with a number of travel companies and nonprofit organizations, as well as personally guided family, friends and new acquaintances.

Whenever I plan a tour or adventure, I know I need to balance cost, comfort, accessibility and safety. And it always works out just fine, because where there is a will, there is a way!!!

Transportation: There are few forms of transportation I have not reserved or engaged in. In my forty years of travel, I have reserved mopeds to twelve-person vans, long boats to puddle-jumper airplanes.

Lodging:  I have reserved and stayed in lodging around the world, ranging from low-budget backpacker hostels to upscale hotels, from live-aboard boats to remote eco-tourism camps.

Activities and Equipment: I know more than enough about what makes for a quality tour with dependable gear to be able to sort through the morass of materials online.

Better yet, the chances are good that if I don't know the specific destination and/or activity, I know someone who does.

Finally, you can get a sense of the places I've been and the activities I'm well versed in at the "Travel Tour Leader/Guide" link above.