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Welcome to my photography. To be clear, I am not a professional photographer. My reasons for sharing these photos are three-fold.

First, I love to travel, I am happiest in nature, I marvel at the "same, same, but different" of diverse human cultures, I grew up flying in a small plane and have transitioned from enjoying those aerial views to photographing them, I am a lifelong fan of live music, and finally I get great pleasure from sharing.

Second, many of the photos posted here offer a visual storytelling to most of the experiences listed in the "Travel Tour Leader/Guide" section of this website. Those experiences without photos occurred before I started taking pictures on a regular basis.

Lastly, I've spent my life using my left brain far more than my right. Fortunately, I've come to realize I get great joy from photography as a creative pursuit - both taking the image and processing it afterwards. Again, I'm no professional... but with time I'm getting better, and that too feeds my creative side.

So, for all those reasons, I've posted a lot of images here. Enjoy what you will... hopefully you'll get a bit of a lift from one or two images, or even one or two galleries.